Querries Solutions
Connectivity Wi-Fi 2.4 MHz 802.11 b g n
Professional Installation Yes
Home Control Anywhere from the world through Mowitra Cloud
Fits In Standard Electrical Boxes Yes - Existing home can be easily upgraded to Smart Home without any modifications
Needs Existing Switches No - Our Digital Touch enabled switching modules powered by lnteli-BUS eliminates the need of existing Switches
Light Control Yes - 500 Watts I Lighting Load
Dimmer I Fan Control Yes - 500 Watts with LVOL protection
Power/Appliances Yes - 5A Plug Control & 15A HT Electr1cal Control
Gas leak Sensor Yes
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Yes
Motion Detection Yes
Air Quality Yes
CCTV IP Cam Integration Under Development
Video Door Phone Under Development
Door locks Under Development
IR Remote Manager Under Development
Equipment warranty 24 Months Free Replacement warranty
Mobile Application iOS, Android
Compatible with Amazon Echo I Google Home Under Development
Customer service contact methods Sam to 8 Pm Phone, email, On-line
On-site Service Support Within 24 Hours

What is a “smart home” how best and unique “Mowitra “?

A home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone is called a Smart Home

Mowitra gives you a true digital home both by its looks and Feel - Visit our Automation page

What are the benefits of “Mowitra “home automation?

- Visit our Automation page

What wiring do I need for a “Mowitra “home automation system?

Standard concealed or Outside wiring with any brand front plate and switches

What kind of devices can be controlled by “Mowitra “ smart home?

Virtualy any device which you need to On and Off functioning and regulating of voltage requirements

Is “Mowitra “ smart homes affordable?

Yes, you will spend < 1% of your construction cost to automate your entire home (Lighting, Heavy loads and security sensors considered for a 3 BHK Flat or Villa)

Does “Mowitra “ home automation increase home value?

Offcource a true digital home by all means is more valuable than a standard automated home, to know more - Visit our Automation page

I am building a new home. When should I call for “Mowitra “ home automation services?

At the start when you make the wiring plan of your home will be ideal or when you start your concealed wiring work will be best to desing you digital home better and save cost

How can I save energy with “Mowitra “ home automation?

You can schedule your routine On & Off activities to Mowitra Hub ensuring the task is done on time

When I use “Mowitra “ home automation, is my information secure?

Yes, Your app is user name and password protected and the Mowitra hub is Wap2PSK encryption protected, ensuring only with your authorisation anybody can access the router

Does “Mowitra “smart home technology work for businesses /Function hall/Hotels/Hospitals/Supermarket etc?

Yes, It is the most echonomical solicitation for big installation as our single main module can seamleslly connect 15 of our switching modules which can control 60 lighting or applaince loads or 15 dimming loads or in any combination to suit your imagination thus eliminating the need of multiple WiFi modules for a same pannel

Can I upgrade an existing or older home with “Mowitra “ smart home technology?

Yes, Without any additional works in wiring or rewiring

How long does it take to install “Mowitra “ smart home technology for one panel?

It takes approximately 15 minutes for a standard electrician to install a pannel (Assuming 8 loads in a panel)

Why is home automation still not mainstream?

Lack of standardisation and modularity

Warranty and Service of “Mowitra “ home automation,?

Call us on our toll free number and we ensure our person is at your door step within 24 hrs and a “No Questions asked Free Replacement Warranty” on any defects on normal and standard conditions of operation by the user

Will “Mowitra “ Home Automation Be a Major Lifestyle Adjustment?

No, In fact it improves you confort much more by putting the control of your entire home in your fingure tips

Can multiple user use the app to control my home?

Yes, We allow upto 2 users defined by you to control your Home, more than 2 users need an annual subscription

If I change my phone do I have to do the entire configuration again

No, Just download your app and login with your user name and password, you will be asked to verify with a OTP sent to your registered email Id and once done your old phone is removed from our database and new phone gets added and the entire configuration is downloaded from cloud and you are ready to go in a fraction of a second

If I lost my phone and If I have put the app in remember password mode, can anybody operate my home?

No wories, Just send an email to support@mowitra.com from your registered email id, we will block the account for cloud transactions, until you log the complaint and get the blocked acknowledgement from us, just disconnect the internet connection to the Mowitra Hub so you can operate only in your home

What will be my Internet usage for Mowitra Devises accessing through cloud?

Less than 1 Mb / Day considering standard operations

Do the Hub need to be connected to Internet when I am using to control only when I am at Home?

No, you dont need your Mowitra Hub to be connected to Internet if you want to use with the app only at your home,

Does Mowitra device work with Amazon Echo, Alexa or Google Home?

Yes, It is under development, will update the skills and let you know ASAP.