Are You ready for Home 3.0


Mowitra introduces a whole new concept of Home Automation that marries the cutting edge technology with the style of your home to give you an experience that is truly exquisite. The technology that gives you a real looks and feel of a true digital home.

Powered by our patented Intel-BUS technology, we put the entire control of your home at your fingertips. With the magic of your touch either on the app or through our innovative touch control switches. With our AI enabled Mowitra Hub linked to Mowitra Cloud, we ensure that control of your home is completely in your hands no matter where you are allowing you to schedule things to your convenience and routines.


With our mission of Making peoples life simple by making products that represents the true needs of the user beginning from our AI enabled Mowitra Hub which not only interlinks the Mowitra Home control devices but also doubles up as a normal Wi-Fi router enabling your standard Wi-Fi devices to connect to it eliminating the need of a standalone Wi-Fi router.

Our Modular Mowitra Wi-Fi Main Modules powered by our patented Inteli-BUS technology enables you to seamlessly connect 15 of our switching modules which can control 60 lighting or appliance loads or 15 dimming loads or in any combination to suit your imagination thus eliminating the need of multiple Wi-Fi modules for a same panel.


Our touch enabled Switches powered by our patented Inteli-BUS technology eliminates the need of being an add-on to the standard switches and enables to control your loads with just your touch. Above all these products fit into your standard concealed panels present in every home without any need for rewiring, additional fittings or cables cluttering up the aesthetic of your home.

The Mowitra app powered by Android & IOS is designed to give the user the best User Interface experience and faster navigation to control your Digital Home by least number of clicks. It is also highly customizable in that it enables you to configure and name your rooms as well as the load or appliance connected to it.

So you could have a Chinnu’s Room Tube light, an Entrance light, and so one.” In addition, with future Alexa or Google Integration you can use voice control to control your home, so you could say “Alexa Turn OFF Chinnu’s Room Tube light”. You don't need to learn a special way to talk to control your home.


All the above exquisite future is backed by our toll free customer care support ensuring that we are at your door step within 24Hrs of your call and on the strengths of the reliability of our product, powered by our robust R&D, ensured by the stringent validation and Quality first manufacturing process, which makes us to offer “No Questions asked Free Replacement Warranty” for a period of 2 years on any defects on normal and standard conditions of operation by the user

Call us now and transform your Home to a Truly Digital Home 3.0, a level Next to Automation